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Long Island Traffic Ticket  Did you get a Long Island traffic ticket?

It is very frustrating to receive a Long Island traffic ticket when you are from out of town.

This is because since you live far away, it just isn’t worth it for you to drive to the court and represent yourself.

Also, there is always the risk that you will not have a successful outcome in handling your own ticket.

The GOOD NEWS is that, for most cases, you DO NOT need to appear when you send in a lawyer to represent you.

The BETTER NEWS is that our law firm typically charges only $250 to appear in court so you don’t have to go.

The BEST NEWS is that by sending an experienced traffic ticket attorney, you will obtain the best outcome!

The attorney could lower points and lower fines for your traffic tickets.

Below are some top concerns drivers have regarding long island traffic tickets.

  • Costly fines
  • Receiving points
  • Increase in auto insurance rates
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Arrest if the fine isn’t paid

In almost all situations involving a long island traffic ticket, a driver is better off retaining a lawyer to help with the ticket rather than taking a day off from work and contesting the ticket in traffic court without legal help.

Why? Because lawyers tend to get better deals when handling your ticket.

What does that mean? This can mean lower points, lower fines, etc.

You have the option of hiring an attorney for traffic court. If the legal and/or financial consequences of your traffic violations are large, or if your license will be suspended, it would be worth paying a few hundred dollars to fight the ticket with the help of an attorney.

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