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Types of Tickets

There are many different types of traffic tickets in New York.

Types of traffic tickets

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Question: What types of traffic tickets does the law firm handle?
Answer: Below is a partial list of services offered.

There is a separate section, of this web site, dealing with each ticket type.

Speeding Ticket

Cell phone violations

DUI  – driving under the influence

DWI – driving while intoxicated

Driving Without Insurance – This is a serious of offense. If you ignore, plead guilty to or are convicted of driving a vehicle without insurance, your license is subject to a one year  revocation or suspension, a fine of up to $1,785 plus a civil penalty imposed by the DMV of $750 as a condition of getting your license restored.

Suspended license (License Suspensions and Pending Suspensions)
In most cases, our law firm can have your suspension lifted immediately. Driving with a suspended license is a crime in New York State so DO NOT drive with a suspended license. As soon as you become aware that your license is (or will be) suspended, contact our law firm immediately.

Failure to Stop for a School Bus
Safety Belt, Seat Belt
Driving in Wrong Direction
Failure to Yield
Right of Way Speeding
Driving Left of Center
Improper or inadequate equipment
Suspended license
Improper Passing Tailgating
Inadequate Brakes
Traffic markings
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Traffic signals, Traffic control lights
Failure to maintain lane Parking on the highway
Traffic signs, stop sign, yield sign
Failure to obey a traffic control device
Railroad Crossing Violation
Unlicensed operation
Failure to Signal Lane Change
Reckless Driving
Unsafe Lane Change

DMV tickets (Department of Motor Vehicle)

TVB tickets (Traffic Violation Bureau)

What types of traffic tickets can get dismissed? Almost any ticket can get dismissed.

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