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“ I had the pleasure to work with Ron Cook for several years. Throughout this time, Mr. Cook always demonstrated a rigorous work ethic and strong commitment to finding creative and practical solutions to his clients’ legal problems. I recommend contacting Ron Cook if you are in need of a knowledgeable, responsive, reliable, and diligent attorney capable of assisting you in a variety of legal matters. “
– Carolyn Schoepe


“If you are looking for the job to be done right the first time, and at an economical cost, I would highly recommend that you look into Ron’s services for your business.”
– Peter Ekstrom


“ Ron Cook takes the time to really listen to what your legal concerns are and then explains in great detail what your options are and how he can represent you. With Ron Cook it isn’t about time or money it’s about helping the person he is talking to get through a difficult time in their life by giving them the best legal advice to help them get through their situation. I highly recommend Ron Cook.”
– Eleanor E. Spring


“What impressed me about working with Ron was how quickly his mind worked in summing up my situation and plotting multiple strategies for dealing with it. He didn’t waste any time (read “my money”) in the implementation of the selected plan, which led to a successful outcome. I highly recommend his firm.”
– David Hirsch

“He read our emails and was prepared to speak each time we had a call. His recommendations were sound, practical and the right ones. He was available for scheduled calls and always responded with his informed point of views within 24 hours.”
– Greenleaf Ventures


He was fast and efficient. He had excellent communication skills and was very easy to reach for follow up by telephone, text messages and email. “
-Felice Cantatore

Traffic Law

Our law firm can assist you in responding to a traffic ticket for a moving violation under the Vehicle and Traffic Law. We help reduce points (and fines) which helps keep your auto insurance rates from increasing.

Why Choose Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law

Choosing the right firm to represent you is a key step to having a successful outcome. Ronald Shield Cook, Attorney at Law is highly regarded, has thousands of testimonials, and is an excellent choice as a legal advisor.

Experience and Expertise

You need an experienced attorney in your corner, and Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law can deliver. Ronald Shields Cook has five advanced degrees and has mastered several aspects of the law. He has served this region for over 25 years, and his thousands of satisfied clients are proof that he has the expertise and experience needed to take on your case.

Responsive Legal Services

Far too many law firms take on clients and then forget about them! It can be difficult for clients to reach their attorneys, but that is not the case with Ronald Shield Cook, Attorney at Law. The firm is known for its responsive and reliable services. If you need an attorney, one will be there for you. The firm even has 24-hour availability for emergencies.

Conveniently Located Offices

The firm of Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law strives to make the entire process convenient for clients. That includes having multiple offices available for people. Choose from offices in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Staten Island, and Manhattan, as each office offers a full range of services for clients. The law firm also handles certain matters in upstate courts.



Free Consultation

While some attorneys invoice from the very first minute, Ronald Shields Cook, Attorney at Law offers a free initial consultation to first time callers. During the consultation, clients explain their issues and attorney Cook determines what (if any) legal services are needed.

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If you need legal help, reach out to Ronald Shield Cook, Attorney at Law. Call 1-888-275-2620 or request a free consultation online.