Not licensed in NY

out of state license

Did you receive a new york ticket but your driver’s license is from a different state?

We go to court so you don’t have to go to court.

If you no longer live in New York, your prior traffic violations, which occurred in New York, do not go away. New York is tied

into other states so that if your license is suspended in New York, your license will also get suspended in your current state.

Our law firm can go to court FOR you to work on resolving your ticket(s.)

Did you get a New York traffic ticket?

It is very frustrating to receive a Long Island traffic ticket when you are from out of town.

This is because since you live far away, it just isn’t worth it for you to drive to the court and represent yourself.

Also, there is always the risk that you will not have a successful outcome in handling your own ticket.

The GOOD NEWS is that, for most cases, you DO NOT need to appear when you send in a lawyer to represent you.

The BETTER NEWS is that our law firm typically charges only $250 to appear in court so you don’t have to go.

The BEST NEWS is that by sending an experienced traffic ticket attorney, you will obtain the best outcome!

The attorney could lower points and lower fines for your traffic tickets.

Below are some top concerns drivers have regarding long island traffic tickets.

  • Costly fines
  • Receiving points
  • Increase in auto insurance rates
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Arrest if the fine isn’t paid

In almost all situations involving a long island traffic ticket, a driver is better off retaining a lawyer to help with the ticket rather than taking a day off from work and contesting the ticket in traffic court without legal help.

Why? Because lawyers tend to get better deals when handling your ticket.

What does that mean? This can mean lower points, lower fines, etc.

You have the option of hiring an attorney for traffic court. If the legal and/or financial consequences of your traffic violations are large, or if your license will be suspended, it would be worth paying a few hundred dollars to fight the ticket with the help of an attorney.

Why our law firm?

  • Decades of experience
  • Highly Skilled and Experienced Attorney
  • Fights to Protect Each Client’s Rights
  • Attorney Answers the Phone and Provides Consultations
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Open on Holidays
  • Appointments Available
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services

Accumulating too many points on your license for traffic violations can result in serious penalties.

We will aggressively fight each traffic ticket to help you avoid points and the loss of your driving privileges.

Protect Your Driving Privileges! Did you know that when you pay a ticket you are pleading guilty?

Some traffic violations can have very serious repercussions.

Depending on the nature of the traffic violation, some of the potential penalties you could face include:

  • Fines
  • Points
  • Auto insurance rate hikes
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Jail

Below are some common traffic tickets issued in this County

Speed Restrictions – Article 30
1180 (a) Speed not reasonable/prudent
1180 (d) Speeding in excess of posted limits
1181 (a) Impeding traffic – driving too slowly
1182 1 Unauthorized speed contest (drag race)

Special Stops – Article 29
1172 (a) Disobeyed stop sign
1172 (b) Failed to stop for yield sign when required
1173 Failed to stop – emerging from alley, driveway, private road, or building
1174 (a) Passed stopped school bus/lights flashing
1174 (b) Failed to keep school bus halted/lighted
1175 Entered intersection when room unavailable (gridlock)

Turning at Intersections – Article 28
1160 (a) Improper right turn
1160 (b) Improper left turn (two-way)
1160 (c) Improper left turn (one-way)
1160 (d) Failed to turn as required
1161 U-turn at grade/curve
1162 Moved stopped vehicle unsafely
1163 (a) Improper/unsafe turn
1163 (b) Failed to signal for turn
1163 (c) Failed to signal when stopping
1163 (e) Failed to use emergency flashers
1164 (b) No directionals – certain vehicles
1166 (a) Improper right turn off roadway
1166 (b) Improper left turn off roadway
1166 (c) Improper left turn (one-way) off roadway

Right of Way – Article 26
1140 (a) Fail to yield approaching intersection
1140 (b) Driver on left failed to yield in intersection
1141 Fail to yield – left turn
1142 (a) Fail to stop – stop sign/failed to yield
1142 (b) Fail to yield – yield sign
1143 Fail to yield – entering roadway
1144 (a) Fail to yield to author. emergency vehicle
1145 Fail to yield at traffic circle
1146 Fail to exercise due care to avoid collision with bicyclist, pedestrian, or domestic animal
1151 (a) Fail to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk

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